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Lets discuss the impact of technology on Education department

Trec Tech Helping Education Industries

Software is no longer just being used in classrooms for learning purposes.

Rather, we see that the education industry itself is now relying on software solutions to run as efficiently as possible. As demand increases on a teacher’s time and classroom sizes swell, staff working in education seek ways to help make life easier, manage their time better, and provide more efficient solutions to their organizational processes.

This is the reason why so many new education IT solutions are designed to help teachers streamline processes and teach themselves to enable staff at every level to make the best use of their time. Education Industry Software can also help institutions use expenses and budgets more efficiently, organize and secure data, and automate administrative tasks. This saves both time and money for schools and universities to focus on providing the best learning experience for their students.

Our approach

Insight. Creativity. Technology.

We use the RAD approach which is a form of Agile software development methodology that prioritizes rapid prototype releases and iterations.
Define Project Requirements

During this step, stakeholders sit together to define and finalize project requirements such as project goals, expectations, timelines, and budget. When you have clearly defined and scoped out each aspect of the project's requirements, you can seek management approvals.


As soon as you finish scoping the project, you can begin development. Designers and developers will work closely with clients to create and improve upon working prototypes until the final product is ready.

Gather Feedback & Testing

In this step, prototypes and beta systems are converted into working models. Developers then gather user feedback to tweak and improve prototypes and create the best possible product. Later the product is tested to ensure that all of its moving parts work together correctly and as the client expects.